About Us

Dawn in her workshop

I have always been creative.  My parents tell stories about me decorating table place settings with pretty leaves as a very young child, I still have childhood rock collections… I took four years of art in high school and received awards and some recognition for my work.
However, like many, I set aside creativity and I ended up with an MBA in Finance, spending 18+ years in the financial field.  Gradually, I tired of the office environment.  I longed to create beautiful things again.
My first jewelry making class opened my eyes to what I “really want to be when I grow up.”  There is a definite satisfaction and thrill to make an idea become beautiful jewelry.  And an even greater thrill to see (or hear) how that jewelry makes someone else happy.
Most of my inspiration comes from Nature itself.  The colors of each gorgeous stone, the movement of water over rocks in a creek, the way sunlight shines through spring leaves…  There is so much about Nature that can fuel creativity.  My jewelry is made from gemstones, precious metals, and other natural items such as shell — gifts of the earth.
Each piece of my ‘wearable art’ is made by hand, one at a time, with quality materials. Gold, fine or sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones, leather, copper and brass are all materials I use.  Due to the hand-made nature of each piece, no two are exactly the same.  Many are one-of-a-kind pieces.
It is important to me that the natural beauty of the metal and stones are being showcased in my jewelry.
I strive to have multiple pieces of the same style, metal, or gemstone available for mixing and matching.  For example: you find an amethyst ring you love.. there will likely be necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets available to match or pair with it.
All items from DW Jewelry are created to be worn.  That said, I wouldn’t advise wearing a moonstone ring to do concrete demolition.  Most of the gemstones I use have a Mohs hardness factor of around 6.  However, items such as pearls, shells, and softer stones have a lower hardness factor and appropriate care should be taken while wearing them.  Please see FAQs for care tips. Each item of jewelry I produce and sell is high quality.

My goal is for each customer to be satisfied with the purchase he or she makes.  Please email me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding your purchase and I will be more than happy to assist you.  I love to hear from my customers!


The Jeweler/Artist

Dawn Woods
Designs and creates wearable art using precious metals and gemstones.  Coffee, her family/friends, and the great outdoors fuel her creativity.  She lives in Cumming, GA with her family.